The Book is Ready!

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The Second Edition of the book: History of Emigration Canyon:Gateway to the Salt Lake Valley (2019) by Jeffrey Carlstrom and Cynthia Furse (504 pages) is now available!

Emigration Canyon is well known in Utah as the route by which pioneers, in 1847, reached Great Salt Lake Valley to establish the state’s first lasting Euro-American settlements. Before and after 1847 the canyon had an interesting history, which included the Donner-Reed party, the Pony Express and Overland Stage, mining and sheepherding, a narrow-gauge railroad, a major resort, a brewery, and the transformation of recreation areas and cabin sites into year-round residential neighborhoods.

This well-illustrated, detailed history tells the story of a unique place, but its counterparts can be found across the West and America wherever the development of wild and scenic areas has been shaped by the growth and needs of neighboring cities.  In this second edition, new illustrations and maps, new information and stories, a significantly expanded chapter on the Emigration Canyon Railroad, and a new chapter on the modern history, bring to life the story of a place and its people.

Buy the Black and White Paperback (print on demand, $17.58) Here:

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